Traditionally, it is best for the proper and fragrant smoked sliver fits the following species of plants – juniper and alder, a little less popular and the following varieties of trees such as the fragrant walnut, birch, maple and Apple tree, ash, oak, pear, plum and other fruit crops. Moreover, it is believed that the preference should be given to branches of the resulting tree trimming in the spring. Appropriate in this case, it will be the Smoking mixture. Commonly considered the best combination of Apple, pear and plum, as well as hazel and oak, but there is no any strict rules, so you can navigate, consistent only with their own tastes.
If you don't trust store-bought chips, just love to cook or have available the necessary material you want to use in the home Smoking, you need to follow some important rules. For example, you need to use wood, not bark, as it is the first able to give that amazing smoked flavor. Even more, the bark of some tree species can harm prigotovlena product. So birch "skin" will give the smoked meat is absolutely not necessary bitterness.
It is not recommended to use for Smoking conifers. They will give all their fragrance to the air, but the only product will take the same unnecessary bitterness. By the way, in France, where cooking is not just a hobby Housewives, real art, for Smoking use only chestnut, willow and fruit trees. But there are some small exceptions, for example, in the French region of Savoie for the preparation of local traditional sausages think fit exclusively a mixture of pine needles and fir cones. So the bitterness is not transferred to the smoked meats, their is wrapped with a very thick layer of gauze, which absorbs any unnecessary.
A form of wood chips affects not only the flavor and aroma of the product but also on the color of smoked meat. For example, the Golden color of the product is able to give mahogany, and alder and oak give a brownish color. In turn, beech, maple and basswood, which are often used in smoked fish, give it a very appetizing Golden hue. Very unusual color gives and shavings of beech.