Please note that at home a real liquid smoke can not make. Its production is based on the purification of the smokeand water solution, allowing you to deliver him from all the harmful products of decay – ash, tar, carcinogens. For this smoke first condenseries and divided into three fractions, purified and subjected to a physical treatment. In some countries it's a spray, which allows to achieve the effect of smoked products from meat products banned for sale because it contains a large amount of harmful additives.
Change a little taste, which is obtained by using the liquid smokeand use a simple marinade recipe. For example, a similar effect is provided by a mix of mayonnaise, curry, garlic and soy sauce. This will give chicken or other dish moderately spicy, piquant taste. Depending on the ratio of ingredients, you can make almost different dishes. Soak the chicken meat in the marinade at least a few hours, and it will come out juicy and soft.
Find it in the stores special smoked salt - it almost completely mimics the effects that provides of liquid smoke. Use it during cooking, the dish managed to soak in it, absorb the aroma and buy a smoked taste. The only difference from liquid smokeand the fact that your meat will not change.
Use the recipe for smoked. For this you'll need uncooked rice, green or black tea and some sugar. Wrap the mixed ingredients in two layers of foil, and pierce it several times with a fork. Put her meat and place all in the pan under the lid. Hold it a minute on high heat, then bring to readiness on the weak. Please note that this forms the smoke, so the kitchen is better ventilated.