You will need
  • - Liquid smoke.
Using liquid smoke can be prepared cold-smoked fish at home. To do this you need fish (carp, carp, herring, bream, salmon etc.), you need to wash and gut it, if it is large size. Take salt and pour all the fish (20% salt of the total mass). Put in the refrigerator for proselki (sea - 2 nights, river or lake – 7 days). Remove the salted fish and rinse under running cold water, hang in the air a bit to dry, about three hours. Pour into a bowl liquid smoke and lower the fish large keep 3 minutes and the small one minutes. Hang the fish for drying in the tail part. A day later she will be ready to eat.
Who doesn't love bacon? To cook it simply at home with liquid smoke. Take 3 pounds of fresh lard and cut into pieces. Prepare the brine: mix 0.5 kg of salt with two litres of water add 100 ml liquid smoke. Mix thoroughly and pour the prepared brine fat, cover and store in the refrigerator for one week. Then hang the bacon to dry, and two days later it will be ready to eat.
Smoked ribs – great snack to beer. Prepare a mixture for salting the ribs, mix the black pepper, salt, minced garlic and liquid smoke (5 tablespoons per kg of ribs). Coat ribs with this mixture and leave in the fridge for a day. A day later they can be safely included in a snack with beer or bake in the oven until Golden brown. Yum.
Liquid smoke can be added to entrees (fish soup, meat soup and split pea soup), just need to mix in a few drops of this flavoring in the cooking process. Then your entree will become an amazing taste of the meats. Use liquid smoke in cooking, experiment and enjoy delicious dishes.