Without normal electrical system operation the vehicle will not be able to function. Therefore, if you encounter any problems with the wiring, promptly take all appropriate measures to speedily restore its performance.
If one of the electric appliances of your car is not working properly or is out of order, then most likely, somewhere there was a short circuit, which prevents the delivery of a signal to this device. Read the manual of your car, there you can find the answer to the question how to find short in the car. Carefully read the wiring diagram of your car. The bell wires that come to it and find it broken device . Also check if there is anywhere exposed wires that touch the car body. If they are, take and tape them.
Search short circuit in the car needs to be taken with the use of special electronic measuring devices, through which you can identify the open circuit and in the shortest possible time to eliminate it. To find the fault, test all the components included in the electrical network of the vehicle from the rear and front headlights to the relay (blocking) the masses. Check all contacts and electrical wiring. If you found a faulty contact, take a soldering iron and restore its integrity so that it is well an electrical current was passed.
If you have little knowledge in electrics and don't know how to determine the place of short circuit, contact the auto shop where for a small fee, will help you find the short. If it is not resolved for a long time, it may cause failure of the battery, without which you will not be able to properly use your car.