You will need
  • - a multimeter or ammeter.
Experts advise to periodically inspect equipment to detect leaks. Are valid losses from 0.02 to 0.05 A. If the value exceeds these values, it is necessary to identify and rectify the fault. To make it easy.
Install the device in measurement mode constant current in the range of 10-20 A. Remove the cable from the negative battery terminal. Turn on the device in the gap. To do this, connect one probe to the "minus" of the battery, and the second with the end of the removed wire. Now you can see what the current is supplied from the battery to the wiring of the car. If its value is not greater than 0.05 And, it's all right. Ideally, the current in the circuit, the car should not exist at all. If the value is small, maybe he goes on the clock and "signaling".
In the presence of alarm remove the wire from the control terminal. Behind closed doors, leave the vehicle for protection. After 2 minutes the alarm system will go into sleep mode. You can now test the leakage current.
If the alarm system is not switched to sleep mode, turn it off.
Check the network start with the interior. Remove the cover of the radio, deactivate sleep mode alarm. Inspect all light bulbs.
Lock limit switch of illumination of salon in a depressed position. The ignition must be turned off. Alternately, remove from the junction block fuses and check the readings. If when removing one of the fuses the value of current decreased to acceptable values, then the circuit is detected. Carefully inspect the area and repair the wiring fault.
If leak rate remains high, inspect all the wiring. Check also the starter, generator and additional equipment connected directly to the battery.