One of the indicators that really sell you a new phone, this is the date of its production. To know it, there are two ways. The first of them is visual. Looking at the back of the phone battery: usually it contains the release date, but it can be represented implicitly. For example, the combination 08W45 means the phone was manufactured on the 45th week of 2008.
If the date was not there or you don't know how to decipher it, there is another way – software. All the Nokia mobile phones have a special service codes, when you set them, you can find all the information about the phone, including date of manufacture. For each of the models for these codes is different.
If you are owner of phones from series Nokia 3210, Nokia 3310, Nokia 5110, Nokia 6110, Nokia 7110, Nokia 8210, Nokia 8310, Nokia 8850, dial on the keypad the following combination *#92702689#. After that you will see on the screen the service menu, which has the item "date of issue. Select it and check when was made your phone. In addition, the menu will display a unique number IMEI, which should match the number on the box of the phone. Check it out, or do you want to sell your old phone under a new in the package.
For smartphones, such as Nokia 5230, which came out recently, try to use the same code. In some cases, the set of code *#92702689# only leads to a total time of conversations on phone that is not an indicator. However, if there are no other options, use it. At least, seeing that the total time of the conversation is, for example, a clock 20, you will realize that this phone was clearly used by someone before you.
Do not confuse the date of the last update of the software release date. If the first date corresponds to, for example, last month, this does not mean that the phone was also released a month ago. Software can be updated at least yesterday, while the phone for several years. This is the same as to judge about the release date of the computer operating system version that is installed on it.