You will need
  • - access to the Internet.
To find out the date of manufacture of the battery of your mobile phone, make sure that on the reverse side thereof there is a special service code which contains the information you need. The first letter of this combination indicates the month, in this case the sequence of letters in alphabetical order to the order of months in a year, that is, in the beginning of the code can be specified in any letter of the English alphabet from A, which means January, to L, respectively – Dec. The second letter means the year of release, again in alphabetical order starting with the year in which was produced the first copy of this model battery. The following figure reports the week of release.
If your battery has another vosemnadcatiletnij code, locate the sixth digit from the end of the combination, this will be the year of manufacture. The fifth and the fourth digit reported by users a week of the year in which the battery was manufactured in the factory.
Use the official sites of mobile phone manufacturers to determine the production date of your battery, please note that in this case accepts the data read from the original battery supplied with the mobile device manufacturer or purchased separately batteries of the same brand.
If you had purchased the battery as a separate item, examine the label and find out on the official website of the manufacturer of how to decrypt to obtain data about the date of manufacture. Also review the technical documentation of the device for the presence of required information, it is possible that it is listed in the warranty card or on the packaging. Also you can get the information you need from sellers-consultants.