Advice 1: How to determine the date of manufacture of the battery

The date of manufacture of virtually any equipment and accessories you can find a variety of ways, but it is best to have the documentation bundled.
How to determine the date of manufacture of the battery
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To find out the date of manufacture of the battery of your mobile phone, make sure that on the reverse side thereof there is a special service code which contains the information you need. The first letter of this combination indicates the month, in this case the sequence of letters in alphabetical order to the order of months in a year, that is, in the beginning of the code can be specified in any letter of the English alphabet from A, which means January, to L, respectively – Dec. The second letter means the year of release, again in alphabetical order starting with the year in which was produced the first copy of this model battery. The following figure reports the week of release.
If your battery has another vosemnadcatiletnij code, locate the sixth digit from the end of the combination, this will be the year of manufacture. The fifth and the fourth digit reported by users a week of the year in which the battery was manufactured in the factory.
Use the official sites of mobile phone manufacturers to determine the production date of your battery, please note that in this case accepts the data read from the original battery supplied with the mobile device manufacturer or purchased separately batteries of the same brand.
If you had purchased the battery as a separate item, examine the label and find out on the official website of the manufacturer of how to decrypt to obtain data about the date of manufacture. Also review the technical documentation of the device for the presence of required information, it is possible that it is listed in the warranty card or on the packaging. Also you can get the information you need from sellers-consultants.
Useful advice
Do not remove the stickers from system information with batteries and other devices.

Advice 2 : How to determine production date of the battery

A battery is a device intended for storage in chemical form of energy that can be used as electricity. It works by the interaction of two metals in an acidic solution. When buying a battery it is important to know the date of its production, as it will depend on the term of its service.
How to determine production date of the battery
Identify the manufacturer to find out the date of production of the battery. Firm Centra Futura (Poland) usually causes the marking on the label DANGER, and the date of production is printed in the format X-05, X – Oct, 05 – 2005. If you have a battery Delphi Freedom, that place marking is the upper part of the body, in the far corner of the indicator. Date of manufacture of the battery is applied in the format of 16 7СF, which stands for the following: 16 a day of the month, 7 – 2007, C – month, F – country of origin (France). January–, February–, March–, April – D, and so on through the list of the Latin alphabet.
Locate the markings for the battery Inci Aku Exmet, which is usually located near the positive terminal. Sample entry: 17 12 06 17 - 17 December 2006. Place of marking batteries Ista standard upper cover, on its label. Sample entry: 2544, where 2 represents the number of production, 5 – 2005, and 44 – week year (November). Manufacturer Medalist causes the marking on the side of the battery, an example of an entry: 12.2007, where 12 – December, 2007.
Determine the time of production of the battery Power Bull Banner on the marking, which is applied usually on the back of the battery, and has the form – 29Т6204, where the 29 – week of the year, 04 is the year. If you have the Prestolite battery Formula S30, the marking it is also on the back of the battery is in the format 12Т6204 6, decrypted, similar to the previous option. Batteries Selenius marked on the longitudinal Board of the cover and record is in the form ОТК040105 where 01.05 is the month and year of manufacture of the battery. Batteries Tyumen marked in the same place, and date of manufacture appears in the format 12 04 09 5, 12 – month, 04 is the year, 09 is the day. Manufacturer of Ultra Hugel causes the marking near the positive terminal, in the format 17 09 05, it means the date of production of the battery – September 17, 2005.

Advice 3 : As at the battery to determine the date of issue

Shelf life of car battery is limited, and therefore, before buying a new battery, you should look up the date of its production. Each manufacturer of different hang tags, battery, which complicates the determination of the year of manufacture.
As at the battery to determine the date of issue
Code to determine the date of manufacture is applied to the battery case. Some manufacturers place markings in various places on the battery. For example, accumulators Centra marking located under the label Danger, and battery Titan code is printed on the top cover. Sometimes the code of the product is indicated near the positive terminal, or at the back wall.
Consider the applied marking. If the code is "II 12", means the battery was made in February 2012. The first digit indicates the month number, the second indicates the year of manufacture. Batteries Inci, Medalist, Tyumen, Ultra Hugel, "Aktekh", "Cupid", "the Beast", "Zid", "Pilot", "Titan", etc. date is specified in the normal manner and does not require decoding.
If the marking of the battery has the appearance of 12B01E1, the date will indicate the first 5 characters. The first two digits contain the year of manufacture. The referenced letter provides information on the month of manufacture (a – Jan, B – Feb, C – March, etc.). The figures, coming after 3 characters indicate the day of production.
Batteries Varta and Bosch have their own system of designating the year of manufacture. Marking has the form H1V111302. The first letter indicates the country of origin (H – Germany, C – Czech Republic, S – Sweden, A – Austria, F — France, E – Spain). The first and second figures speak about the specifics of shipment and number of the conveyor belt on which was assembled the battery. The next digit — the year of issue, the last in the numbering. The third and fourth digits indicate the month. In the fifth and sixth position displayed the day of the month, and the seventh digit is the number of shifts during which was collected the battery.
Most battery have a warranty period of 24 months, however, there are batteries that have great life. The warranty period and the battery life is determined by the firm and workmanship.

Advice 4 : How to decipher coded battery

The automotive industry invites the world to hundreds of car brands, which differ by technical characteristics, and hence require different energy sources to start the engine. To determine which type of battery will suit your car, you need to examine the recommendations of the manufacturer of the car and markings on the battery.
How to decipher coded battery
Marking of the batteries is based on accepted international standards developed by the national markings. In Russia, the battery should be marked on the basis of GOST 959-91, which includes the following designations:
- digital code
letter code,
- the characteristics of the battery.

The Russian marking

The first digit on the battery (battery) shows a physical quantity characterized by the presence of cells connected in series. For automotive batteries, the number should be 6, since on the basis of it is formed output voltage which should be 12 Volts.

The letters decode battery type. To run a car engine on this marking shall be the letters "ST" which means the starting type battery.

The next number shows the battery capacity in ampere-hours. For a city car it is recommended that the capacity of 55 Ah.
Choosing battery power, remember that the more powerful the engine and the greater the number of options a car has, the more capacity will need the battery to establish a "large" battery is not recommended, burn wiring.

Last value battery - this is an additional code letter battery. Usually there are several:
"Z" - the battery is fully charged and filled with electrolyte,
"A" battery case is made of hard rubber,
"T" - the battery is made of a thermoplastic material.

European labeling battery

In Europe to produce batteries in accordance with the international standard or ETN according to the German DIN standard, as Germany is the largest European car manufacturer.

American battery is also produced on the basis of international requirements, but with the American SAE standard, which coincides with European standards marking of batteries.

The first three digits of the European label indicates the battery capacity, the values range from 501 to 799. In order to know the nominal capacity of the battery, and from this number subtract the number 500. The result is the battery capacity in Ampere-hours. Accordingly, the capacity of the European batteries range from 1 to 299 Ampere – hours. Also the battery is shown in the number from the last digits of the current cold scroll.

According to the standard European battery should have the following additional notations:
a trademark of the manufacturer;
- inrush current when scrolling at -18 degrees;
- battery voltage in Volts;
- date of manufacture;
- the weight of the battery;
- signs of polarity;
- characteristics of flooded electrolyte level (max or min).

This marking is applied to a battery in the form of stickers or paint on stencil, a requirement - the moisture of the material and its resistance to aggressive environments.
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