You will need
  • phone Nokia
  • - the inserted SIM card, the number of which you want to know
  • - documentation from the service provider
  • - the friend who has your phone number
Remove the phone from the lock or turn it on. Press the center button to activate the menu. Therein find the folder "Contacts" (located on the top row).
Highlight the folder, move the cursor on it. Pressing the center button to confirm your choice. In the menu, turn the phone function until the very end. Last on the list – "Advanced". Place the cursor on it, press "Select".
When the folder "Advanced" will open, scroll functions. "My numbers" should be fourth, after the "Settings" tab. Open the "My numbers".
In the opened window you will see a few lines. The first is "I". Select this line and open it using the Central button. Visiteuses on the screen the number belongs to you.
In phones with touch control structure determine its telephone number is exactly the same. Only instead of the center button confirms your choice with the touch of a finger or stylus.
Remember that your phone number is always listed on the box from the service provider cellular network or on a special card. Do not throw away the box and the card may carry, for example, putting in a purse.