You will need
  • box and documentation the phone.
In order to know the imei number of your mobile Nokia device, dial from the phone keypad the following combination: *#06# (in some models you have to press the call button). View the on-screen code. This is true not only for device models for this manufacturer, but also for other mobile phones regardless of their manufacturer and other parameters.
Please note that some phones (mainly old) this room can be slaughtered with the help of various software, firmware and so on, so after you lose your phone and its further upgrading may be impossible to find and bring him back.
Review your Nokia imei on a special sticker, which is usually glued in the battery compartment of the phone under the battery. To do this, switch the phone off, open the rear cover and remove the battery. Locate the sticker with the imei number next to the SIM card of your phone. IMEI is usually written there on top of the latest code in any case you'll recognize it by the number of digits should be 15. These figures must exactly match the information on the warranty card and the packaging, check the line even when buying a mobile device.
If you want to know the imei number of your phone without having the camera directly on his hands, look at the documentation (warranty card, which can also be on the last pages of the manual to the device) for the presence of a special sticker containing the information you need. Also on the box from a mobile device should be a sticker with the relevant content or inside it can not be pasted by sellers sticker with the number ID of your phone. The same applies to machines from other manufacturers.