Engineers Nokia phones offer consumers the camera in the lower price range – the Nokia 5220 XpressMusic. Examine the functions and you will realize that holding a simplified version of Nokia 5320. However, between them there is still a difference. In this regard you need to be able to distinguish between different models of phones on various grounds.
Pay attention to individual parts of the design: rounded or sharp edges, metal or plastic parts, trim rubber or plastic etc. All this affects the cost, though not conspicuous. Carefully review the design, the manufacturer, and compare it with reality.
Examine the appearance of the functional parts: the form of the joystick and the keyboard backlight and the ability to change its color scheme. At the time of sale the seller may not draw this to your attention, but you always ask to check the operation of all functional parts.
Check the battery capacity in the phone. The phone's operating time is one of the most important characteristics, so, at first glance, the small difference plays an important role. Carefully check the size of internal memory and support external memory cards. In addition, many models of Nokia cell phone are much a complete set, but rather the presence in it of a memory card of a certain size. Make sure that you are offered exactly the desired model.
Finally, check for all stated functions. Sometimes even the absence of any small option significantly reduces the cost of the model but users may not pay attention to it than is often used by sellers. Thus, choosing a phone and determining its model, follow these recommendations and their own knowledge. Check the package contents and originality of all parts cell phone.