In some cases it happens that the mobile phone must be connected to the TV for the whole family to watch an interesting video or a new movie. Before making the device connection, study carefully the manual of the TV, which for the correctness of the connection string must contain a usb output. Otherwise, the connection is unlikely to be implemented.
If you have no usb cable, go to a specialized salon or store and consult the seller about what kind of cable to buy, if you want to connect your phone to the TV. Most likely, the sellers faced similar problems earlier and quickly select the most suitable option. Arriving home, check the integrity of the cable and the fact how it the connectors fit usb outputs for phone and TV. Connect your phone via usb you need to spend with the TV on in order to check, he found a new device is connected or not.
Typically the usb cable with two sides is. On one side is a standard usb connector which is used to connect to a computer, laptop or TV. On the other hand it features a mini-usb connector, which plugs into mobile phones or portable players. Connect via mobile phone should be given to this feature. Do not try to plug the large connector into the mobile phone, as you can severely damage the latter.
After you have connected, you can use the TV to view different video files from your mobile phone. The video quality on the TV screen depends on how correctly and properly you have connected the cable. Using this technology, you will be able on a large screen to view all the photos and videos that are made using a mobile phone. After you finish watching, carefully remove the cable from both devices.