In order to connect the monitor to the TV it is necessary to analyze the available cables
To determine exactly what wire connection you have.
The basic system connections include: VGA (often the cable is blue), DVI (the cable often white), standard compound (often yellow color cable) and SCART
Then you have to understand what your available inputs your TV has. The TV has free HDMI, VGA, component or composite port.
If you have a DVI to PC and HDMI to the TV, you can use a DVI to HDMI cable. If your computer and TV has a VGA connection you can directly connect these cables -VGA to VGA. If your PC has a VGA connection and the TV has HDMI connection you can connect the VGA cable to the DVI Converter and then DVI to HDMI cable connection. These methods can support an HD signal.
When you create a connection monitorand TV should be taken into account that the cables for VGA, DVI and component video don't support audio signals
If your HDTV has an audio input, you can connect a separate audio cable from your computer sound card directly to the TV. And also you can connect the audio signal from various devices, such as external computer speakers or your home stereo system.
If your computer does not support the type of video, then you can install a new video card that has the correct connection