You will need
  • - HDMI to HDMI cable.
Laptops HP series Pavilion possess two channels for connection of external display: VGA and HDMI. This is a standard set, which can transmit both analog and digital signal. Of course, when the TV is connected it is better to use the HDMI port because it will provide high image quality and eliminates the need to connect additional audio cable. Connect HDMI-HDMI laptop to TV.
Turn on your TV and mobile PC and wait for both devices. Open the settings menu of the TV. Look for "input Source" and select the HDMI port (there may be more than one) to which you connected the laptop.
Proceed to configure the mobile computer. Open control panel and select "appearance and personalization". Locate and open the menu "Display". Select "Connect external display". In the opened window press the "Find" button and wait for a determination of the second display.
Now activate the function "Extend this screen" pre-selected graphical image of the laptop screen. This will allow you to simultaneously use both display. Now you can run different apps on both devices simultaneously.
If you want to turn your mobile computer into a kind of unit system, then select "Duplicate screen". It is better to assign primary display TV screen. This will allow to avoid problems with configuring permissions. Connect to your laptop USB keyboard and mouse and close the cover. Now the TV will serve as monitor.
If you need to display the sound on the TV, open the program used to configure settings for the sound card. Select "Source audio" and point it to the HDMI port. Make ne adjustments to audio parameters.