If you are the owner of modern TV, connecting it to the USB drive will not be difficult. To do this, locate the USB connector on the TV and insert the drive. Most often this connector is located on the rear panel of the TV.
Then turn on the TV, press the remote button labeled TV/AV, and switch the image signal from an external source. That is, in fact, the flash drive is connected and can produce the files you need.
Modern TV sets are diverse, and it is likely that your TV USB port may not be. But that's no reason to worry because this problem can be solved in other ways.
To connect a USB flash drive you can also use a DVD player with built-in USB port. To do this, turn off the TV with the player and find the same connectors on the connecting devices. Then connect the connectors of the devices to match with the plugs of the connecting cable. Responsible for the video yellow Jack, and the audio is white and red. Now connect both devices and insert the flash drive into the USB port of the DVD player.
For connecting pendrive to a TV can use media player which has replaced the DVD player. To do this, connect your media player to your TV using the supplied cable that is included with the media player or with the HDMI cable. Then insert the flash drive into the USB port of the media player.
Make sure that the flash drive was fully connected to the media player because of a poor connection, the media player will not recognize removable storage. After that, turn on the TV and set it to the input that is required to connect the media player. Take the remote control and using the arrow keys scroll through the list of files. To playback the desired files, click on the Enter button.