You will need
  • - computer with Internet access;
  • TV.
Install the computer software to view Internet TV. For instance, the program VLC media player for Windows is free and supports viewing Internet TV. This application can be downloaded at Next, locate the Internet addresses of the desired channels and then save the program playlists with them. Then you need to connect a TV as a monitor for your computer.
To do this, take the cord S-video to transfer video from computer to TV adapter. Connect the adapter to the TV Jack, connect the cord to socket adapter and computer video card. On the computer, right-click on the desktop, select "Properties", then go to the tab "Settings" and select second monitor - this is your TV.
Download and install TV Player Classic Rus. You can download it at the link The program is free, you can use it to view more than twenty Russian channels, as well as more thousands of free world television channels. All the channels are broadcast through Internet connection and no need a TV tuner. It is possible to view Internet TV in full screen mode. The list of channels are constantly updated.
RusTVPlayer use the app to view Internet TV. To do this, navigate your browser to the link, then click on the button "Download". Install program to computer, run. It contains 240 channels, both Russian and foreign.
You will also find a TV program with announcements of the films and television. It is possible to view the channel in the recording or selectively. The program is constantly updated, new versions will alert you.