To begin the fight against excessive noise produced by the vehicle, start the offensive on all fronts. Before you make the plunge, you should clearly imagine the work of the exhaust system of a car engine. After the engine and exhaust system are balanced with each other so as not to interfere with each other. Disturbance of this balance may lead to improper engine operation.
Use the simplest method of noise reduction – set "Bank" (as motorists called for more end-muffler). It is made from the housing, through which passes a pipe with apertures. The case is filled with a filler of heat-resistant fiber, fixed fine mesh. It is installed between the catalyst and the standard muffler.
Cut out the section of pipe between the catalyst and silencer to the required length corresponding to the length of "banks". Remove the exhaust muffler. Install and attach the "Bank" to the resonator, using clamps and asbestos sheet for sealing the joint.
Install muffler seat docked with a "jar" using, again, the clamps and asbestos sheet for sealing the joint. When installing "banks" or the end of the silencer must be thoroughly sealing the joints of tubes of heat-resistant asbestos in order to prevent breakthrough of the exhaust gas, which will create increased noise level.
The additional effect of noise reduction will give replacement of the resonator mounted on the car by the manufacturer, on the same "Bank" with a heat-resistant filler. The replacement of the resonator can be made on the same technique.
You can try to use another method of noise reduction is to replace the exhaust manifold at manifold of special design. Unfortunately, this method relates to the difficulty of purchasing the spare parts for specific car brands.