Configure your phone to receive MMS. For this it is necessary to support the function of GPRS/EDGE. So check beforehand with the instructions for your mobile phone, to know exactly what you will be able to receive MMS.
Call to the short number 0500 for these settings. Specify the brand of your phone. You will receive the following message (the same for all subscribers of "MegaFon ):setting Name: MegaFonMMSДомашняя page: http://mmsc:8002Точка access: mtip authorization: NormalИмя user: mperel: mms
If you are unable for some reason to get through to the operator, send a free SMS with text "3 short number 5049 or visit the page Specify in the fields on the form the make and model of phone, type of the requested settings, and phone number. After that the settings should come on the phone. Save them.
You will now be able to receive MMS and send them. However, even if you did not receive these settings, view multimedia messages you will be able to visit However, if you received an SMS message received on your phone number MMS, take the time to open it on the website but consider whether you really expect from someone such message. There are cases when fraudsters send out MMS opening which may receive the phone "victim .
If you are sure that you have received the MMS is completely safe, enter in the form fields on this page, the message number and password. Do it as quickly as possible, because after a short time the message will be deleted.
If you have accidentally deleted an SMS notification to your number of MMS number and password to restore them would be impossible, since they were randomly generated by the system.