You will need
  • Mobile phone with the configured functions of MMS.
To be able to watch or listen to the MMS message, make sure that your phone supports MMS. View the phone manual. The old model such features support. Your room will simply receive an SMS message that you have received the MMS. It will specify where and how you can view it on the Internet.
How to read <strong>MMS</strong> <b>phone</b>
If the instructions to the phone MMS function is, you need to set your phone to send and receive MMS messages using the instructions from your mobile operator. To do this, call toll-free number of the operator. Find his site on the Internet. On the website of your operator you will be able to find the auto settings to your model of phone or enter them manually. Another option: visit a nearby salon of mobile communication of your operator. There you will help set up the MMS function.
How to read <strong>MMS</strong> <b>phone</b>
Once you have all the steps done, you are free to obtain separate images, videos or even a combination of messages. For example, some photos, music and text, etc. to View the received message in the menu item "Incoming messages".
How to read <strong>MMS</strong> <b>phone</b>
If your phone is at the moment when you sent MMS, was out of coverage, you'll also be able to view your message online after receipt of SMS. If your phone received a multimedia message, but for some reason it is not displayed, then the Internet is also not displayed.