Find the manuals to your mobile phone mention control using modem AT commands.
Connect your phone to the computer. Note that serial ports on mobile phones operate at a voltage of 3.3 or 5 V, and computers at a voltage of 12 V. in Order not to spoil the phone, use the MAX232 chip in a standard switching circuit. In the absence of the computer's COM ports this device can be connected to USB through a Converter FT232 or similar, also in the standard circuit, or a cable with a built-in Converter. Finally, if the telephone is equipped with a USB port (which is more common), it can be connected to the correct port on the computer directly. Use the cord appropriate for your machine.
Some cell phones support the USB port in different modes. Select among them using the menu mode as a modem. If Nokia released after 2009 will be determined in this mode as a removable optical disc drive driver, switch it to PC Suite mode. Then it will be determined how multiple devices, connected through a USB hub. One of these devices and will be the modem.
Run the terminal emulation program. In Linux it's called Minicom and in Windows Hyper Terminal. In DOS you can use a terminal program that is included in the package is DOS Navigator, but it can not work with USB ports.
Select the port to which the phone is connected. Its name depends on which port the phone is connected, and which is used by the operating system. If the port is properly selected, ATZ the device should respond with "OK".
Enter the command AT+CMGR=n where n is the message number in the list. The content of this message will be displayed. Some phones are also able to interpret the command AT+CMGL="ALL", forcing the unit to withdraw from all SMS messages. Cyrillic encoding in them - usually Unicode, but there are exceptions.