At the first sign of the beginning of childbirth, a woman can take steps to the process was not lengthy and too long. Need to move, because a change in body position will not only speed up the contractions, but will also bring relief in the form of lower pain and discomfort. Walk around the room, squat, change your body position. It is helpful to shake your hips from side to side, lean forward during contractions.
Empty the bladder more often – crowded as it can inhibit the passage of the baby's head. During labor all the senses are sharpened, and you may not feel the urge to urinate, so try to relax and control the process of urination.
If you are at home, you can take a warm shower or bath. This procedure will reduce pain and help relax the muscles, facilitating the flow of labor and stimulating the birth process. To strengthen the contractions, you can try to wash the floors several times to go up and down the stairs to have sex. Sexual intercourse increases blood circulation in the pelvis, which could be an additional impetus for enhanced delivery. Irritation of the nipples causes uterine contractions, so easy, tickling the breast massage you can do yourself or ask someone from your family. Laxative enema helps to reduce the intestine, which simultaneously acts on the uterus, causing its activity.
Medical ways to speed up your contractions are designed to reduce the duration of the generative process and are already in a nursing home. Puncture of the amniotic SAC is a painless procedure and causes severe increased labor. The introduction of stimulants generic activities will help to intensify contractions. Artificially induced contractions become strong and frequent, increasing the pain, so you may have to administering pain medication.