Call it yourself childbirth, a woman can only in the case if her body is already ripe for this, and lacks only a small push to start the process, so do not be afraid to hurt herself or the baby. It is important not to overdo it, fascinated by the evocation.
If you have the pregnancy proceeds without complications and watching the doctor did not impose a ban on sex life, sex. In semen contains prostaglandins – biologically active substances, softening the cervix and stimulating the onset of labor.
Oxytocin is also involved in the launch of the delivery, the production of this hormone in the body a woman can run independently simple stimulation of the nipples. It is very important not to overdo it, massaging the nipples with smooth and gentle movements, but only as long as the process will not cause you to have negative feelings. If during the massage you become uncomfortable and even bad, immediately stop.
Physical activity can also induce the occurrence of birth. Many women claim that they helped intense walk, in front of which they ate a bar of dark chocolate.
To induce labor, and using the one radical means which is successfully used Western midwives, but before you decide to, make sure, that in the event that you will be able to quickly get to the hospital, call the doctor or midwife.

Miracle remedy is a cocktail consisting of 50 g. of castor oil, 100 g of apricot juice and 40 g. of vodka. After taking the cocktail of the pregnant woman starts to clean the intestines, under the influence of spasms is reduced and the uterus. Childbirth can start quite suddenly, so be extremely careful. Check with your doctor before taking the cocktail, or do it under his immediate supervision.
But regardless seemed to last days, no one has remained pregnant forever. Give yourself the time and don't rush things. Your kid can't wait to meet with you as soon as it is ready, labor will start on their own without additional help.