He advises rumor

Very often, a woman who bears a child, raises many questions, most of them ambiguous. A huge amount of "grandma's" advice was confusing, and the presence of the Internet only exacerbates doubts in the hearts of the pregnant woman, because, often, conflicting information. There would be bailed out the opinion of a gynecologist, if not one "but": the trust needs to be unlimited. And who of us would agree that our fate is already beloved, though still unborn child, entirely dependent on someone else's aunt or uncle an unfamiliar doctor?

So. What says the proverb? To start the fight, you need to walk up the stairs, to wash in the whole house floor, to go and buy home products for the whole family, to engage in rough sex... in a word, to give the pregnant body unbearable for him the burden Is, of course, not very good for health as mother and unborn baby, although the target is likely: labors will begin.

And what should we do

The first thing is to stop worrying, and before proceeding to such manipulation, it is worth remembering that no woman has remained pregnant forever. All who a little earlier, some a little later, be sure to give birth to, and besides, most minds on the planet agree on the fact that 95% of post-term children in any way do not differ from infants born at term.

However, this does not mean that you need to let it go and wait for childbirth to come. Of course, you should visit your doctor who will probably prescribe an ultrasound, CTG, to check the maturity of the placenta and the state of heartbeat of the baby. If you are all going to be okay, no one will rush you from hospitalization.

Also, don't forget that the baby hears and perhaps understands you, call him, tell how much you expect him how great the world is outside and how much you love him. According to many mothers this works, and awaited the contractions to come.

And about load for you to decide of course. But, it should be noted that walking is not contraindicated absolutely, irrespective of the period. Walk in health, get positive emotions, because again it is worth Recalling that the pregnancy is determined very approximately, and your baby supported with mother nature he is known better than all the rest.