2016 begin to act amendments to the Housing code, which among other things will increase the penalty for untimely paid receipts for gas, electricity, heating and water. Management companies will actively work with the debtors and, if necessary, to connect the collectors.

2016 will apply a differentiated charging scheme penalty depending on the duration of the delay:

  • to 30 days inclusive): not calculated;
  • 31 to 90 days in the amount of 1/300 of refinancing rate
  • with 91 days: 1/130 size of the refinancing rate.

First of all, this approach to the calculation of penalties directed against persistent non-payers for utility services. And there are many in our country. So, only in Moscow there are about 8% of all tenants.

Whereas for those who could not pay the receipt for a month, but then immediately paid off the entire debt, this approach is more effective. Because the current rules interest is accrued from the first day of delay in payment receipts.

2016 will also be compared between the refinancing rate and the key rate. As a result, all fines and penalties will increase by more than 30%. The refinancing rate now is 11%, whereas previously the calculation was conducted on the basis of the rate of 8.25%.

To be malicious defaulters of utilities becomes extremely profitable. For example, the debt on payment of utilities is 10000 R. for the first three months accumulates interest at the rate of 330 R. (10000*90*0,11/300), whereas the current rules the amount would be of 247.5 p. If the debt is not repaid and continued to accumulate to six months interest will amount to (10000*6*180*0,11/130) = 9138,5 R. For comparison, according to the rules of 2015 penalties would be 6853,8 R.