You will need
  • Computer;
  • - the optical drive.
The ability to record information from the computer to the drives depends on the optical drive (drive) of the computer. It is the type of drive determines its functionality. To find out whether your writing drive, open "My computer". Look at the icon of your drive, written next to its type. If at the end of the drive type has the inscription RW, so it can be used to write information to discs. Also can be the situation when the name of the device written in Multi. This also means that the optical drive has the function of recording information on the disks.
Also more detailed information about the drive type and model, you can learn in this way. Click on the icon "My computer" right-click. In the context menu select "Properties". Then select "device Manager", and in it find the item DVD / CD-ROM. Click on the arrow next to it. Displays model name of your drive. The first word is the manufacturer of the drive, the following letters indicate the type. If written letters DRW, this means that the drive can record information such as DVDs and CDs.
In the case of specified letters of CRW, so the drive can read only CDs. Accordingly, to record information) or on CD-ROMs. If it says CD-ROM, it means that the drive can read CDs. But write the information. It is also possible the DVD-ROM. If this is the case, then your drive can read discs formats both CD and DVD. But write to them using this type of drive is also impossible. Can you find the reference CD/DVDW. These drives read CD media, and DVD. To record on both types of optical media.