Advice 1: How to check dvd burner or not

Very often PC users face the problem of burning a DVD. First and foremost, this is due to lack of additional software in Windows XP and earlier versions. Also the drive may simply not support the recording function.
How to check dvd burner or not
You will need
  • - access to the Internet;
  • - recording programs, e.g., Nero, or any other convenient for you.
Look at the front panel of the drive:, it should be written in DVD-R/DVD-RW. If it is written the first option, it means that the drive can only read discs, not write them. Means marking RW ReWritаble, which means that it can record information.
On the front of the drive may not always be given the full labeling, it is best to check it in device Manager. To do this, open "My computer", right click on the free labels from space, right-click, select "Properties". You will have a new window with multiple tabs, open "Equipment".
Top right you will see a button "device Manager", click it and view the list of available equipment in the configuration of your computer. Find your drive, copy the model name. Open a web browser, by using search to find information about your drive, it is best to watch it on the website of the manufacturer. There will be given all the options, including the ability to record DVDs.
If your computer's operating system is Windows XP, then records will not be sufficient for standard applications, the operating system, so use third-party programs such as Nero or CD Burner XP. They are quite easy to use, have an intuitive interface and contain all the settings which you can use for burning discs. They also can check the settings for your drive, model, and recording capabilities. It is best to use licensed copies of programs downloaded from the official websites of manufacturers.
Be careful when studying labeling specify the model in the search exactly as written in device Manager.

Advice 2 : How to check DVD drive

When buying a CD/DVDdrive you need to check it immediately. If this is not done, the drive may be non-functional, because among the whole party of one device may be that a few copies are produced with defects. If you are buying the drive from a friend or on the secondary market products, you can test drive at home. The test consists in examination of jumpers, ventilation, drive , etc. After determining the cause it is possible to judge the guilty in failure.
How to check DVD drive
You will need
  • Verifying CD/DVD drive.
Before you test drive it to verify the health of the drive on which to test a new dress. The main problem is the poor performance of new drive cables and jumpers. Often the problem is in them. Because the technique is new, and all connections are new, i.e. undeveloped. It may happen that the drive is connected and Windows does not detect a new device. In this case, you must check the correct connection of the power cable and IDE cable.
If the problem is in the loop, it is sufficient to change only the loop. To check the integrity of the loop, connect another device to this loop, such as a hard disk. It should be noted that in some cases it is necessary to connect a drive to a common ribbon cable (IDE Port 0) that goes from the hard drive.
Another problem when connecting can be improper installation of the jumpers. On the hard drive jumper (pernicka) must be in the slot Master and drive Slave. The location of the jacks on the devices printed on the front side of the hard disk or drive.
Also worth checking the fans, which is served cold air inside the system unit. If such fans are not, the work of the drive during the recording disc may be broken. This will affect the number of damaged discs.

Advice 3 : How to record on CD-ROM

For writing documents, folders, and files on CD-ROM you can use a wizard to write files to the disk or any other recording program. In any case, the instruction for transferring files to media will be similar.
To record on a CD in any format simply. This takes the CD-R or CD-RW. The difference between these two types of disks is that CD-R files are written once and then erase them would be impossible. Whereas with a CD-RW you can delete unnecessary files and record new ones as many times as needed. The volume of these drives is that they are easy to write text documents, pictures, photos, music, small videos.

Instructions for recording information to disk

Insert the disk into your computer or laptop. Open the disc on the computer. The system can automatically open the folder with the disc. But if the computer does not, open "My computer" and find the CD/DVD drive.

Highlight those files and folders that you want to transfer to disk. When you need to grab them with the mouse cursor and drag it to the disk. Or press the right mouse button and from the list that appears choose "Copy". The same mouse button click on open drive and add files using the "Paste".

The files will be transferred to the disk. However, this does not mean that they are written. If you try at this stage to pull the disk from the drive, the necessary files on it will not appear. To write files, click the right mouse button on an empty space in the folder, and in the appeared window choose "write these files to CD". This will open a wizard window for writing files to disk.

In the window titles for the CD-ROM drive is named "drive", you can choose any to remember what information is recorded on the media. Or you can leave the disk without a name. You can also mark the box "to Close the wizard upon completion of the record file, but this is also optional. To continue the recording process, press Next.

The disk will start recording what will signal the green stripe. When she reaches the end and disappears, a new window will appear "Ready". Hence, the process is completed. Recorded disc should pop out of the computer. You can re-insert it into the drive to verify the files on it. This disk can be used.

Other recording program

There are separate programs burn discs that require installation on your computer. These programs have a user-friendly interface and help the user clear instructions in the process of writing to the disk. Using them is simple: insert the CD in the drive and run the program on the computer, and then follow the instructions.

The most popular and convenient among burning programs is Nero. It allows you to record different types of information on different types of drives, does it quickly and reliably. Another handy program is BurnAware Free. As the name implies, it is presented in the free version, although it exists and a more full paid version. But in order for no problems to burn a disc, the program fits very well. No inconvenient functions, everything is simple and clear. Of course, in the commercial version contains more features that will be useful for advanced users, such as the ability to copy CDs or create images.

More powerful program is Ashampoo Burning Studio Free, free version, but it will please the user a wider range of functions than that of BurnAware Free. The disadvantages are slow loading. Similar programs there are several dozens, so that they can always choose the most suitable option.
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