To start the operating system check for problems with the standard tools. First of all, it checks the disk for errors. In order to do it, you need to go into the properties of the drive on which the operating system is installed, and click on it right-click, then choose "properties", click on the tools tab, and finally select item – checking a volume for errors. This solution is usually most severe system problems, however, do not always solve all problems.
Following the standard method of checking for errors (and their corrections) is a disk Defrag. In order to do that, you need to go: start - All programs - accessories - system tools - disk Defragmenter. This check corrects mistakes and prevents them in the future. It is useful primarily for the hard drive, and it is preferably carried out regularly (every six months).
For a more thorough check of the operating system need to download a special utility IObit Security 360. After installation, you must select error checking. Program after analysis of the operating system needs to lay out a list of errors and even potential faults that cause them (e.g., pornoplane software, system conflict, etc.).
Sometimes a serious diagnosis of the system should go to the event log, that record including the errors. It is located at: start – control Panel – administrative tools – event Viewer. The magazine itself should be watch items: application system. And look for a red circle with a white cross because it is just an entry error. On entry you have to click twice and read the full information. Then the solution should be sought in any search engine or on the official website of Microsoft