You will need
  • Graphical editor MS Paint.
Run the GUI editor. In Windows 7 or Vista for this you can press Win, type paint and press Enter. In Windows XP have to look for the link to run the application in the subsection "Standard" under "All programs" in the main menu system.
Download to photoshop the original picture. This is done in the dialog called by Ctrl+O or choosing in the application menu command "Open".
Turn on the Text tool - click on the icon with the image of the letter "A" in the section "Tools" on the Home tab. Click the place images where they should be the first letter of the generated labels, and on the image of the dotted frame will appear with a blinking cursor inside the input. Paint will add to the menu another tab of tools - Text.
Type the label text. If it is already created in any text editor or copied from another document, instead of manually dialing, you can use the "Insert" tab on the "Text" or Ctrl+V. When the input text will no longer fit in the width of the frame editor will take the word to the next line. You can change the width of the column with the text by dragging the node on the dashed frame.
If you want to change the color, size, lettering labels, highlight it or only the desired portion and use the controls in the sections "Font", "Background" and "Color" in the menu of the graphic editor. After these changes, adjust the final position of the text relative to the image with anchor points on the frame around the inscription.
Click image outside of the frame to turn off the text edit mode and save the picture with an inscription - the corresponding dialog is invoked by selecting "Save" or "Save as" menu in Paint.