If you find some gaps in knowledge, gather all the available mathematics textbooks, and they start to flip through in search of those topics that remained unclear. Carefully read these topics and decide for yourself the examples below to understand the calculations.
Buy Handbook of mathematics, if textbooks too much and you have little time. Directories are good because they contain a lot of information with a relatively small volume. Read your desired topic, and then go to problem books and fix the received knowledge in practice.
Arrange tutoring if self-employment is for you – heavy and useless work. Every tutor in fact – the same teacher, only attentive to you. So never hesitate to ask questions, clarify, and most importantly, don't be afraid to make mistakes. Tutor – your guide to the world of algebra, it has its own outline, as well as a wide variety of materials for independent and additional work. Therefore, at the initial stage of the study or review of algebra course always a good idea to find someone who understands it much better.
Write a crib sheet with formulas and definitions. It's not about how to use them in the exam. Hang these little pieces of paper in his apartment, in the bathroom and the kitchen, and, of course, in the bathroom (a leader in the efficient repetition of the material studied). Looking at all these formulas every day, you will make them part of my consciousness and one will not notice how they start coming out you have a memory of themselves.