The greatest difficulties with math arise from students with the humanitarian mindset. Their problem lies in the fact that they are unable to penetrate the essence of the laws of exact Sciences. But even people who are far from accurate calculations, will be able to make significant progress in the knowledge of mathematical theory with a systematic training.
Start again. Mathematics, like any other exact science requires knowledge and understanding of all formulas from the 1st lesson. Carefully read the statements of theorems and their proofs. Disassemble as long as you will not have any doubt. Ask the teachers that you are not clear.
After reading a few topics from the textbook algebra or geometry, you will notice that they use several methods of evidence – where it is easier to explain by contradiction, and somewhere to find a solution using induction. Try to memorize them. This is generally very useful for the development of logical thinking. Do not leave any misunderstandings in the theory. Further this lack of understanding will accumulate like a snowball, and you will come right back where we started. Try proving each theorem to represent how this knowledge will be useful in practice.
A few thousand years ago, the founder of geometry Euclid said that in mathematics there is no Royal road. If you find it difficult to understand its laws, universal easy ways you will not find. Study regularly, try to find a solution on the formulas, and print it out easier. For example, any ending in 5 two-digit number it's easy to build in a degree. It is enough to multiply the first number to multiply it with the added unit and the next to ascribe 25.Try to build the number 85 in square: 8*(8+1)=72. Add 25 and get the number 7225. This is the 852. Try not to use a calculator.
Try to imagine all the solutions clearly. Learn how to draw graphs of functions. Finding on such a schedule the solution of complex formulas, you will know that you will succeed in the end. You should be able to portray and trigonometricheskie functions - sin, cos, tg, ctg. The development of spatial thinking is especially important for girls.
If you feel that you do not cope, seek professional. If you are studying at school, ask the teacher to explain if you are studying in the Institute or do self-study, hire a tutor. Now a lot of talented mathematicians advises his students via the Internet through programs-messenger. To find such professionals you will be able on the exchanges work remotely.