Remember that to learn something quickly does not mean to learn in a hurry. Do not try to cover multiple topics, to understand many of the terms take place the day the whole section – this will be of little use if you do not understand the meaning. Engage systematically, regularly, following the plan, the only way to learn math in short time.
The first step is to eliminate all gaps in knowledge. All missed, misunderstood, complex topic definitely will be felt on the exam, because everything in science is interconnected. Even if you are studying in 11th class and you will pass the exam, not the superfluous will take textbooks for the fifth, sixth, seventh classes and remind yourself that such negative numbers, which are fractions, how to convert a basic expression. Make a list of topics that you present difficulties and get on with them.
Mastering a new topic, start with terms and math definitions. No need to memorize them by heart, it is important to understand them on the simplest level: what is the discriminant of the denominator, the inverse sine. Having dealt with the definition, write its meaning in your own words.
Solve many examples. The more you practice – the better the result. To speed up the process, choose tasks on complex topics and try to solve it: let not, let mistakes, because only with experience comes the ability, but practice makes this skill to automatism. But, of course, the task must be approached intelligently, knowing all the terms and formulas. Choose exercises from the textbooks and problem books with the answers, to be able to test myself. When you start to solve examples of the same type quickly and correctly, proceed to the next topic. Does not work – again, read the topic.
A large number of tasks on the exam focus on transforming formulas. This, too, need to learn: for example, everyone knows that formula work both from right to left and left to right, but not all can learn in the expanded expression of the particular formula. Therefore, it is important to learn to recognize them "in person", to identify encrypted identify their parts.