You will need
  • Handbook of elementary mathematics, collection of problems,
First you need to take reference on mathematics and appreciate its spaces. All sections of mathematics which are unclear, need to repeat (or to learn). If you have spaces in all sections, then it is desirable to disassemble these sections in order. Next you need to proceed to the analysis of the theory. You clearly need to understand basic things and be able to do the drawings describing a particular branch of mathematics (graphs, drawings).
The solution of problems from the collection is one of the most important means of learning mathematics. Only practice can bring you dividends in the form of knowledge. In the beginning it is necessary to understand the examples from the directory, then go to resolve similar problems. If the job seems simple, it is still run - a branch of mathematics which is taken from the example unconsciously will seem simple and you will be better able to solve more complex problems.
Distance education is a great way to improve your knowledge. There are portals which will help you completely free of charge excellent teachers. The most important thing is to write down specific questions and examples that cause you difficulty. The perfect project e - learning www.cde.ruthe joint portal of Moscow state University and MIPT. In order to learn it, you need to pass a simple registration procedure and configure the software, which can be found on the website.
Video lectures a good tool for those who want to learn math fast. Find lectures on mathematics on the site of the North-Western Technical University. When viewing, try to make notes in a notebook to structure their knowledge.