In order not to fail the exam, it is necessary to prepare in advance. The last night is not frantically studying a textbook. The result will not be a sleepless night even worse affect concentration during exam. If it turns out that before the date is a few days, rationally distribute the time to learn the material.The entire course material covered, you are unlikely to learn, so focus on learning the basic formulas. This will allow you to get a guaranteed "good" or "satisfactory". Trying to do too much, you risk to hear from the mouth of the teacher is not the desired word "retake".
Exercise with your tutor. Teacher in mathematics in a private setting explain obscure material readily available than in the classroom. Under his supervision any problems will be addressed. Once you understand the material, the process of solving the learning tasks will be easy and interesting.
To pass exams in algebra will help "crib". Do not use them on the exam, but the preparation they will help you visually to remember the key points. This will give confidence in solving complex mathematical problems. Write down on a small slip of the most complex formulas.
Look in the Internet some of the tasks included in the exam in algebra last year. Most likely, the problem will change a little, but the logic will remain the same. Visit the mathematical Internet portals, official website of your school or Institute. On the forum you can communicate with former graduates and learn interesting information.