If you have overeaten and you feel discomfort in the stomach, not suffer them. Take a pill containing enzymes. Such drugs are sold in every pharmacy and OTC. The enzymes contained in the pill, will help to digest food, weight formed in my stomach. Particularly good drugs, containing in its composition Pancreatin. Pancreatin is akin to a human pancreatic enzyme that helps to remove additional load from the stomach.
The cause of heaviness in the abdomen may be overeating, heavy, fatty foods. So do not abuse this food, like mayonnaise, butter, fatty meat, margarine, cakes with butter cream, etc. Eat more dairy products, fruits, vegetables, cereals, or greens.
Eat smaller portions at meals. It is better to eat 5 times a day for a little than 2-3 times a lot.
Limit Smoking and drinking alcoholic beverages. They irritate the stomach lining, cause inflammation and, as a consequence, a feeling of heaviness in the abdomen.
Take a walk after meal in the Park for 10-15 minutes. Physical activity improves digestion. It would be great to exercise regularly: Jogging, swimming, dancing, etc.
Try the following folk remedy. Calendula, yarrow and St. Johns wort mix in equal proportions. One tablespoon of the collection pour 250 ml of boiling water for 25 minutes and strain. Drink 100 ml before meals. Also helps the propolis. Buy propolis tincture at the pharmacy and take 12 drops diluted in half a Cup, half an hour before meals. Also eliminates the feeling of gravity chamomile, Angelica pharmacy, clover, and p vulgaris, ginger, turmeric.If these tips do not help you to get rid of heaviness in the abdomen, contact your doctor. It is possible that this chronic disease and its treatment requires a comprehensive approach.