If the jacket is made of wool or wool blend fabric, soak the brush in a solution of ammonia. To do this, mix ammonia with water in equal amounts. After this air jacket in the fresh air.

Brilliant place food sprinkle with salt, and then RUB with a rubber band. Clean off the salt with a stiff brush.
If Salonica collar, mix a tablespoon of ammonia and three tablespoons of water. Brush the collar with a brush dipped in this solution.
If damaged jacket suede, very carefully treat the surface, in places the appearance of Shine, fine sandpaper or an ordinary rubber band.
Ammonia and water mix in the ratio 1:4. Water in the solution with a cotton swab and scrape greasy luster. Then wipe the cleaned surface with a swab dipped in a mixture of a teaspoon of vinegar and a liter of water.
1 part of oxalic acid, dissolve in 30 parts of water and 2 parts of soda drinking. Become shiny places, wipe a cotton swab dipped in the solution. Rinse in cold water and air dry. After drying things nicely suede mash with your hands.
It is easy to get rid of shiny patches on a leather jacket.
Moisten a cotton swab into the beaten egg and chicken protein to wipe the skin.

Saturate the cloth with glycerin and wipe the stains.
Mix 4 parts of castor oil, 15 parts of turpentine, 15 parts of yellow wax and 1 part rosin. Gently reheat. Wipe this compound the problem areas on the jacket and RUB well.
Suitable for wiping and a mixture of three teaspoons of baking soda, a teaspoon of ammonia and half a liter of water.
Salonica fur on the jacket can be cleaned with gasoline. Dampen a clean rag in direction of growth wipe the fur. Comb with a brush. To ventilate, place on a balcony.
If you are unable to clean the jacket yourself, contact the professionals. In any dry cleaning you will work for a short time.