You will need
  • - glycerin;
  • - ammonia;
  • shampoo;
  • - the soft brush;
  • soda;
  • - vinegar;
  • - milk;
  • - vinegar essence;
  • - refined gasoline;
  • - castor oil;
  • soap;
  • - hyposulphite;
  • - solution of tobacco;
  • - strong tea;
  • - water.
Wipe the leather jacket with glycerin to give it Shine. Clean your jacket, if some of its parts have salonidis. For this make a solution of shampoo or any detergent, soak in it a sponge and wipe the problem areas. After that, wipe the product clean, slightly damp cloth. If the contamination has not been removed, remove them with a swab soaked in purified benzene or a solution of water, ammonia and dish soap. Dry the jacket and wipe it with a sponge with castor oil.
Wipe with a piece of rubberized fabric sleeves, collar, pockets and side seams, natural, suede jackets, i.e., those places that are most polluted. Dissolve one teaspoon of baking soda in a glass of milk and a clean sponge Seleznevskaya areas. Mix a quarter Cup of ammonia and half a Cup of water. Moisten the swab and wipe solution become shiny places, then rinse everything with clean water and wipe with a rag soaked in vinegar solution (1 liter of water dissolve 1 tsp of vinegar).
Wash natural suede in a warm shampoo solution, if Seleznevskaya a lot of places. Jacket to soak and scrub is not necessary. For this, the first - podposite lining on the sleeves and at the bottom of the product. The second, quickly dip it in water and clean soiled areas with a soft brush. Dry wet jacket on trempel at room temperature or outdoors in the shade. Place your iron on the lowest temperature and iron the jacket from the inside using a dry cloth made of silk. After Ironing, clean the product with a brush.
Clean jacket faux suede carefully. Such products faster to Shine and lose their creaminess. Wash this clothing is not recommended, it is necessary only to wash. Lay the jacket on a table or hang it on the trempel. Make a warm solution of detergent and clean clothes with a soft sponge. Blot the coat with a towel to avoid streaks and dry on a coat hanger at room temperature.
Clean Seleznevskaya areas on the jacket of a fabric "Bologna with a damp sponge, heavily lathered her baby soap. Wipe the product down. Pat the jacket dry with a cloth and dry in the trempel away from the heater.
Wash the jacket of rubberized fabric, adding water shampoo and ammonia. Thoroughly rinse the product and dry on hangers. Remove and cleaned with gasoline such a jacket cannot be. Seleznevskaya clean small areas with cotton wool soaked in vinegar.
RUB the swab with dry washing powder most become shiny places on jackets made of viscose, silk or nylon. Rinse product first with warm water, then in cold. Hang the jacket on a coat hanger under a warm shower, so after washing the jacket was rumpled. Dry on the trempel in a cool place.
Wipe become shiny places on the jacket of wool woolen cloth with gasoline. Then dissolve one teaspoonful of hyposulphite in a pint of water and wipe the problem areas. Rinse with clean water and DAB with a soft brush. If the stain has not completely disappeared, remove the gloss strong tea, with a solution of tobacco or vinegar.