To clean the jacket at home conditions have given the characteristics of the material from which it is sewed. Suede jacketto it immediately after purchase does not stain your things, you need a good vacuum.
The spots are from rain drops can be removed with a special brush for suede. To choose one, which one handle several different nozzles.
The same brush attachments made from elastic bands, floats and rough sponges need to go to places where primarily appear shiny and worn on clothing.
To clean from street dirt and dust leather clothes, it should be wiped very gently with a damp cloth, so as not to stretch the product. Let the jacket to dry by hanging it on a hanger away from heating appliances, otherwise the skin will lose luster and elasticity, will become stiff and brittle.
Get the stain out with a light leather jacket can be prepared in a mixture of talc and turpentine. Spread the stain, squeeze a piece of glass and put on top of the cargo. When everything is dry, you can wipe the leather with a dry cloth.
If you clean the leather coat with a soap solution, adding ammonia, do not forget to wipe the jacket castor oil to restore softness.
Leather jacket regaining its Shine, if you wipe it with glycerine.
If the jacket has spots that are difficult to deduce, remember, what exactly you could stain the thing.
Stain from ballpoint pen ink can be deduced acetic acid and alcohol. Check how to behave when handling painted leather in an inconspicuous area. Oil stains easily disappear if you treat them with a swab dipped in gasoline.