You will need
  • - gasoline;
  • detergent;
  • the tampon of cotton wool, gauze or tissue;
  • - plate, fabric wrapped.
Before cleaning jackets shake off the existing dust and dirt, and get rid of the stains. To remove stains soak a tampon of cotton wool, gauze or tissue means to remove stains for the fabric type "Bologna". As a stain remover take the gasoline because of organic solvents only, it can be used for cleaning of polyamide fabrics.
Check the action of the solvent on separate inconspicuous area of the jacket or on the inner crease, the durability of the fabric. Only after that apply it on the stain. On the inner side of the jacket put on a plate, wrapped with a cloth.
To reduce the boundaries of dampen with water the area of tissue around it. The very spot print, moving swab soaked in petrol from the edges to the center. It does not RUB the fabric, and gently press the swab so as not to damage the fabric.
If at first the stain didn't try to do the above procedure several times. But work in this ventilated area.
When stains removed, prosteride jacket with hands, using detergent for synthetic fabrics when the solution temperature is not above 45°C. If the product is multicolor, then wash it with temperature not higher than 30°C, to prevent sakurasou.
In any case, do not twist and do not wring the product, as this may cause unrecoverable creases on Bolonev tissue – damage special waterproof coating. After washing, rinse the jacket and hang to dry on a hanger.
When cleaning bolonevy jacket with bulky insulation in the home first, determine the method of care for the icons indicated on the marking tape. As there is a risk that the insulation may lose volume.
Wash these products by hand only. After rinsing wring with a towel or sheet. Dry the jacket in a horizontal position, and when it dries out a little, doushite it on a hanger.