Advice 1: How to clean leather jacket at home

Leather things are very practical and durable, but it is an issue of cleansing, because the skin can not be washed from the water, she sits down and becomes covered with wrinkles, maybe even crack. Particularly acute problem of dirt removal for light leather things – to them it is very noticeable.
How to clean leather jacket at home
You will need
  • - cloth or soft sponge;
  • - cleaning agent.
First we need to remove from the jacket the stains, if any. Oil should be output using cloth moistened with gasoline or solvent "white spirit". Ink stains are removed with alcohol.
The easiest way to clean leather is to wipe it with a damp cloth or sponge. Then you need to wipe the skin dry with a tissue or soft towel. This is the most gentle way, but it does not remove the most stubborn dirt.
If a thing is not impossible to clean simply with water, you can try water with soap. In this case, the effect will be more strong.
Quite effective cleaning agent is lemon juice. Wipe them with a jacket and in addition clean and nice looking Shine. Besides, the lemon will help kill the smell of gasoline or solvent, if you have been clean off oil stains.
When cleaning leather products it is often not just about removing dirt, but about the restoration material. If the skin is dry and rough, you can try water with glycerin. Wipe the jacket with a soft sponge with this mixture, and in addition to cleansing products, the glycerin will make your skin softer.
Another way of softening the product and in the batter's box odors – thoroughly clean the thing is orange peel. The essential oils contained in it, will improve skin condition and remove odors and organic acid will help to break down the dirt. Depending on the size of the jacket and the amount of dirt on it, you may need quite a lot of rind, one orange is clearly not enough. But this method has the very important disadvantage – can leave traces on very bright white things. They can be off, but then washed away and the essential oils for which this method was used.
To give the product the leather softness and brightness, use whipped egg white. Apply it on the coat, then wipe with a soft damp sponge. After drying, the things you notice results. Unfortunately, it is more a way of care than purification, because the protein does not contain active substances and can remove as much dirt as ordinary water.
For gentle cleaning of leather things, you can use milk. This method is very good for light and white garments. Milk will not leave a trace contained in the fats will make the skin soft and elastic.
Wet skin is easily stretched, so strongly do not RUB the coat in the cleaning process.
Useful advice
Because in the process of cleaning used water or other liquids, it is recommended to give the jacket to hang at least a day at normal room temperature in order for it to completely dry.

Advice 2: How to peel an orange

Oranges are delicious and healthy. But peel them and rather thick, essential oil, spraying out of it when cleaning dirty hands. And well even if the fruits before sale is not treated with paraffin. However, there is no need to abandon citrus, they can be easily cleaned in just a few seconds a couple of movements.
Oranges are best cleaned with a knife
You will need
  • - orange
  • - a sharp knife
  • - cutting Board
Before cleaning, wash your hands and the oranges themselves. Otherwise, the dirt from the peel can be transported on the pulp of fruit, and with it the vectors of various diseases.
Oranges, served in a dessert, you can never cleaned. Cut each fruit depending on its size 4-8 pieces, and serve with rind. And you will not need to perform extra work, and guests will be much easier to eat fruits.
If you plan to use oranges in cooking, for example, a fruit salad, you have not just clean, but to make the fillet. Cut the circle with the two ends of the fruit, place the orange on a cutting Board, cut the sides with its peel, grasping and a little flesh. Of peeled orange with the same knife cut individual slices, freeing them from the film.
If you prefer whole orange, peeled in the classical way, just cut a small slice of peel from both ends, then lightly incise the skin several times from one mug to another. Place your petal peel, remove it with fruit. Repeat the movement until all the fruit will be cleared. This is the easiest and fastest way to clean even the most oranges with a thick peel.
Useful advice
Of orange peel you can cook a delicious candied fruit. Only do this if you are sure that fruits were not treated with chemicals for long term storage.
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