You will need
  • ammonia, medical or denatured alcohol
  • vinegar
  • vodka
  • pure gasoline
  • cloth, cotton and sponge
  • soft and hard brushes
  • raw potato
  • gauze and iron
  • a piece of cloth
  • shoulders
  • vaseline
Clean the dirtiest place stale jacketand his collar.
• You can RUB it with half a raw potato and then wipe with a damp sponge.
In addition, you can moisten a cloth in vodka or vinegar and heat to remove dirt.
• Try also to wipe the dirty place with soap and sponge and then carefully remove the soap, soaking the sponge in clean water.
If the collar much shiny, then wipe it with a cloth or cotton swab dipped in a solution of ammonia (3 table spoon) and a few pinches of salt.
Clean shiny elbows.
• They can be wiped with a cloth dipped in a solution of ammonia (denatured alcohol) and water (1:4).
• It is possible for a combination of: 5 g of ammonia and rubbing alcohol in a glass of water.
• Some Housewives rubbed shiny space jackete cleaned with gasoline, and then use the ammonia. In this case, you can scare an unpleasant odor.
• You can try to remove gloss with a strong tea infuser. We can do this with a light jacket, AMI, as they can be painted.
Purified elbows outwrite through two layers of dry gauze.
Lay the jacket on a flat surface, having spread under his pure white (or very firmly painted) canvas. First, thoroughly clean clothes with a soft, dry brush, and then – more solid. 50 grams of ammonia will dissolve in a liter of water and soaking in this liquid brush, start to brush the coat. Podstrelennoy the cloth should be moist.
Clean jacket suede or leather have special way.
• Leather grease with vaseline and give it a good soak. Then wipe the jacket with a piece of soft fabric from 100% wool.
• Suede jacket try to clear first with a cotton wool soaked in solution of 1 part ammonia to 4 parts of water. Then wipe it with water (about a liter) of vinegar (5 grams).
Hang clean jacket on a hanger and let it slightly dry for 15 minutes. Then you can pet him through the double folded gauze and finally dried, preferably outdoors.