Advice 1: How to clean jacket

In the wardrobe of business men blazer is a necessary thing. Someone wears it only on special occasions, and someone has to carry it on duty. Sooner or later, the collar of the coatand become dirty, ugly elbows start to Shine and all the product looks stale. Most of the models from the usual washing loses shape, so they are dry. It's not always convenient and also expensive, so try to clean the jacket with your hands.
Clean the jacket at home
You will need
  • ammonia, medical or denatured alcohol
  • vinegar
  • vodka
  • pure gasoline
  • cloth, cotton and sponge
  • soft and hard brushes
  • raw potato
  • gauze and iron
  • a piece of cloth
  • shoulders
  • vaseline
Clean the dirtiest place stale jacketand his collar.
• You can RUB it with half a raw potato and then wipe with a damp sponge.
In addition, you can moisten a cloth in vodka or vinegar and heat to remove dirt.
• Try also to wipe the dirty place with soap and sponge and then carefully remove the soap, soaking the sponge in clean water.
If the collar much shiny, then wipe it with a cloth or cotton swab dipped in a solution of ammonia (3 table spoon) and a few pinches of salt.
Clean shiny elbows.
• They can be wiped with a cloth dipped in a solution of ammonia (denatured alcohol) and water (1:4).
• It is possible for a combination of: 5 g of ammonia and rubbing alcohol in a glass of water.
• Some Housewives rubbed shiny space jackete cleaned with gasoline, and then use the ammonia. In this case, you can scare an unpleasant odor.
• You can try to remove gloss with a strong tea infuser. We can do this with a light jacket, AMI, as they can be painted.
Purified elbows outwrite through two layers of dry gauze.
Lay the jacket on a flat surface, having spread under his pure white (or very firmly painted) canvas. First, thoroughly clean clothes with a soft, dry brush, and then – more solid. 50 grams of ammonia will dissolve in a liter of water and soaking in this liquid brush, start to brush the coat. Podstrelennoy the cloth should be moist.
Clean jacket suede or leather have special way.
• Leather grease with vaseline and give it a good soak. Then wipe the jacket with a piece of soft fabric from 100% wool.
• Suede jacket try to clear first with a cotton wool soaked in solution of 1 part ammonia to 4 parts of water. Then wipe it with water (about a liter) of vinegar (5 grams).
Hang clean jacket on a hanger and let it slightly dry for 15 minutes. Then you can pet him through the double folded gauze and finally dried, preferably outdoors.
Useful advice
Verify the selected method of cleaning a jacket on some inconspicuous area of clothing, for example, on the bend. So you can avoid many unpleasant surprises.

Advice 2 : How to clean collar

Outerwear gets dirty so quickly like underwear, so wash it less often. In addition, not all things can be send in a standard washing machine, you have to take them to the dry cleaners once a season or even less. But items of clothing coming into contact with the body, need to be cleaned more often. For example, the collar.
To clean the collar need means. appropriate for the given material
You will need
  • - refined gasoline
  • - starch
  • - ammonia
  • - Mel
This is hardest if the collar of a coat or jacket is made of fur. To avoid damage to the leather natural fur cannot be washed and even dry-cleaned, but there is an old recipe, which can clear the collar without causing him harm.
Take a well-refined gasoline, ideally the aircraft, but can use gasoline that is intended for refilling lighters. Mix it in a bowl with some starch to a thick slurry. Apply the mixture on the collar, paying special attention to oily areas and slonimska, take the thing into the fresh air, wait a few hours. Gasoline will dissolve grease and evaporates, and the starch will absorb oil and dirt, its remnants will easily vytahnete of pure fur.
Especially quick Shine collarand suede things. Do not apply excessive sansevere regularly clean the collar with a special eraser for suede. If you do not have such, you can replace it with a brush with hard bristles or a fine-grained emery paper. Highly contaminated collar is treated with a solution of ammonia. Simply add 4 tablespoons to a glass of water.
Things from normal smooth skin is considered one of the most easy care, but also they have a collar is the most vulnerable place. Lay a jacket or coat on a flat surface, cover contaminated area with powdered chalk and leave for the day. Mel, as the sponge will absorb fat, you will remain his only flick. To collar less dirty in the future, treat it with special water-repellent remedy, it protects skin from dirt.
Collars on jackets, too, quickly begin to Shine. For as long as possible to keep the product clean, wipe with a well collar cut a potato and wipe it with a dry cloth. For removal of existing dirt you can use a solution of ammonia, acetic acid, or common salt. But before you begin cleaning, it is mandatory to read the label with care recommendations according to the type of fabric, so as not to spoil a thing. If you are not sure that the detergent is suitable, do not use it. Just amperite collar and iron it through a sheet of blotting paper.
Useful advice
Fur collar can be cleaned with a dry shampoo for Pets from the pet store.

Advice 3 : How to get the stain on the jacket

To put a stain on the jacket can each person, even the most careful. But to go in a stained jacket is only a slob. The spots can be very different, and almost every can be destroyed without leaving a trace, it is only necessary to define their appearance.
How to get the stain on the jacket
Before you begin to remove stains from the jacket, clean it and shake. Then try the solution on an inconspicuous place that it does not corrode the fabric and its color. If the stain is small, use the pipette.
If the jacket is stained drops of iodine, remove them with a solution of ascorbic acid (vitamin C). To make this, dissolve one tablet of vitamin C in a teaspoon of warm water and apply this solution on the contaminated place. Wait a few minutes and you will see that the stains will not be over.
For large areas of contamination, increase the amount of water and the amount of ascorbic acid. Also iodine stains from the jacket can be removed using alcohol or milk. Dampen the spot a few times, and then wash your jacket in soap and water.
Fat on a fresh stain sprinkle salt and gently RUB. If the stain persists, repeat the operation several times. And silk jackets grease stains remove with a pinch of salt dissolved in ammonia.
Stains from fruit and berries can be removed with hot water, hot milk or hydrogen peroxide. Using the latter, dissolve one teaspoon in a glass of water. Then the spot where the stain, rinse with cold water.
The stain of soot before processing degrease, then soak the pine turpentine and blot with a soft cloth. After that, apply a soap solution of any washing powder and carefully RUB with a brush (old toothbrush). The place with the stain rinse with warm water. If the material of the jacket is very dirty, instead of washing powder, use egg yolk.
On a light jacket may remain ravee traces that delete the following manner. Moisten a cotton ball in 10% aStore tartaric or citric acid, and at the end of processing the contaminated area thoroughly wash with cold water.
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