Often parents of young children are faced with the problem of stuffiness of the nose of the child with mucus and dried crusts that impede normal breathing. As a small child not yet able to blow your nose or another way to clear your nose, to do this is the surrounding adults.
Moreover, it is very important to carry out the cleaning of the spout without triggering irritation of its mucosa. The most safe method of cleansing the nose of the child is to cause him sneezing, with a strong exhalation of air through the nostril pieces of mucus and dry crusts come out.
There are several effective ways to encourage your child to sneeze.

First, you can tickle the baby's nostrils tightly rolled piece of cotton wool or feather. This mechanical irritation of the nerve endings of the nose would cause the baby Cihelny reflex. This should be very careful and attentive, not allowing deep penetration of a foreign object in the nose of the child.
Second, it is possible to cause irritation of the mucous membrane of the nose, leading to sneezing, burying the nose of the child a normal saline solution, and also fresh aloe juice or Kalanchoe. Caused by the instillation of multiple sneezing will lead to a deep cleansing of the maxillary sinuses. Application of the juice of Kalanchoe and aloe is more preferable than the use of hypertonic saline.
It is well known that juices of these plants have killing bacteria and preventing their proliferation activity against various groups of microbes, as it will simultaneously with the cleansing of the nose to prevent colds. Remember that small children are not recommended to bury the pure juice should be diluted with boiled water at approximately room temperature in the ratio of 1:1.