If you want to look sick with a cold person, you should show it by their behavior. Try acting as if you are tired and feeling sluggish in your body. Remember the time when you were really sick. How did you feel as you looked around? Try to reproduce this condition. Tell everyone that you do not feel very well, refuse dinner and go to bed early. Colds, usually accompanied by a strong fever, and sometimes vertigo. Try to simulate these symptoms, go slow, sit down and stand up slowly. Left alone, twist around itself several times to let the dizziness was real, and then go out to the people. Keep only those that you are not falling from the done, it will look implausible.

Try during the day constantly look for the opportunity to relax. If you are at home, don't get up of bed, this is the most appreciable sign that people are sick. If you're at work, try more often to put his head on the table, simulating, thus, fatigue and headaches.

Conversation with people

If you have a cold, any talk will be given you. Do not show signs of fun, say a slightly subdued voice. Do not go outside and refuse invitations from friends to attend any event. Maybe you need to convince anyone in his illness over the phone. In this case, special attention should be paid to their voice. Speak slowly, making a small pause. Take your time to answer the questions that you asked, remember you are ill and you find it difficult to give quick answers. Breathe only through the mouth during the conversation it looks like you have a stuffy nose.

Shivering and body temperature

Try to pretend you are cold, simulate a shiver all over my body, put on warm clothes. To make it look more believable you need to show others that you have a high temperature. Shake this thermometer in the direction of increasing temperature, or hold it over a hot light bulb. However, do not overdo it, too high temperature is suspicious, you can also call doctors which will expose your deception.


A cold in the majority of cases accompanied by cough or sneezing. You should be able to simulate them. If you're talking to a person eye to eye, cough, covering his mouth and turning away slightly to the side. If you're talking on the phone, make sure that the cough was muffled, removing the tube from the face. If you're coughing right into the phone, the behavior will not look natural, and feigned a cough. To simulate the cough is much harder than sneezing. If you want to do with sneezing, you can use a small amount of pepper. Sprinkle it on your sleeve and use from time to time.


Cold also leads to increased humidity of the eye. To simulate this symptom, apply a little toothpaste on your lower eyelid and leave it for a few minutes. Evaporation of the paste will lead to a small irritation, after which it can be removed.