One of the most effective folk methods on how to stop sneezing, is this: as soon as you want to sneeze, gently RUB the tip of the nose.
Very often, the cause is Allergy. So, pay attention not where you sneeze especially often: at work, at home or on the street. In that case, if the street is likely you have a seasonal Allergy to flowering plants. In the case of sneezing in your home or office, it is possible that this is a reaction to dust or any plant. If earlier at work and at home you did not sneeze, think about what kind of thing you have purchased recently, it is possible that the Allergy causes you is it.
Due to the fact that sneezing causes irritation of the nasal mucosa during inhalation of air, try not to breathe with your nose at least for a while. In this case you can just close your nose with your fingers for a few minutes and breathe in this time mouth.
If you constantly sneeze, try to drink a Cup of hot tea or water in the breaks between the "sneeze". It is possible that this will contribute to the fact that the mucous membrane of the nose will cease to overreact in her annoying factor.
It is possible that sneezing causes you the body's response to dust. In order to test this, just go to the bathroom and turn on the water. If after a few minutes, you won't sneeze – I mean, the reason is, really, just the dust. In this case, home and office, you definitely need to conduct a thorough wet cleaning. But as the dusty streets, then you will have to wait.
If you absolutely cannot get rid of the constant sneezing, contact your doctor. In the meantime, you will have to wait for the arrival of the expert, learn how to sneeze. So, keep in mind that during a sneeze, you can not close nose by hand. Sneezing into a hand is also wrong. The "right" experts call sneezing sneezing into the crook of the elbow. Yes, maybe from an aesthetic point of view, it is not too attractive, but, according to doctors, to sneeze correctly.