You will need
  • fantasy and money on the gift
You are invited on a birthday, anniversary, housewarming or any celebration, which the culprit is a man in the rank of Colonel? Begin immediately to think about what to give. To do this, try to remember what he likes and what – not, but if nothing decent in a head will not come, then try to inquire. If even after inquiries from mutual friends you still know about the guest of honor only that he is a Colonel in the glorious Russian army will have to get out somehow.
Don't forget that the colonels are ordinary people, just go to the form and have a commanding voice, therefore nothing human is alien to them. And when you consider that the rank of Colonel before 40-45 years not to, the range of possible gifts is shrinking. Do not give the military the youth fashionable technique. Hardly a man in this age will appreciate a player of the latest model or a cool digital camera. So as a present to you it is better to choose something not from the sphere of hi-tech, or if you still want to donate equipment, give him something not "too smart". A soldier is unlikely to spend their free time figuring out the instructions.
To the problem of choosing a gift for the Colonel to think outside the box. Get creative and make yourself a puppet of the military. If hand made is too complicated for you, go shopping. With if fun trinkets you won't find your regular Souvenirs of military subjects. For example, a personalized flask or a knife with the carved handle would be a great gift for the Colonel, if after purchase you are not lazy and make it engraved. The main thing - do not overdo it with creativity. Confucius and Aristotle wrote about the huge importance of the "Golden mean".
Once you finally decided, don't forget to make him a card. This, of course, a trifle, but in your case, not do without it. As a rule, prefer military tradition, and the relationship of holiday and greeting cards is rooted in their childhood.
One more detail - men, like women, love to receive flowers. They are embarrassed to admit it. Therefore please go to flower shop and order a handsome bouquet as a gift this man.