Advice 1: How to respond if a friend was not invited to the birthday

Birthday – a holiday that brings together the closest friends and relatives. Unfortunately, sometimes the expected invitation from the birthday boy did not come. In this case, you can act differently.
How to respond if a friend was not invited to the birthday

How to still get an invitation?

Make sure that the invitation from the other really did not. Check your social media accounts, e-mailboxes and see if there are any missed calls or messages on your mobile phone. Perhaps, each chose an unusual way to invite to your birthday and you missed the invitation. Talk also with those who the birthday boy invited to his feast. Find out how they got their invitation.

Perhaps, the birthday boy didn't call you a birthday because you are his close friend and need no invitation to this feast. If you communicate well and don't Harbor any hard feelings on each other, just try to come to him on his birthday along with all the guests. It is unlikely that he will be against it.

Whether to be offended by another?

Sometimes friends can test each other's loyalty. Maybe your friend wanted to see if you remember such an important date as his birthday, and coming to congratulate him without a reminder. If you doubt that it would be appropriate to come to him without an invitation, call a friend and congratulate him with the holiday. Ask how he is going to celebrate the celebration, and ask permission to not attend it. Maybe the friend just too shy to invite you and waited until you start talking about it.

Remember, whether it was between you and any disputes or quarrels for the last time. If you are guilty in something to another and asked forgiveness for it, he could keep the resentment and "revenge" that does not call you on your birthday. Maybe it happened even on his last birthday, and since then he has lost the desire to invite you to such events. Call him or visit in person, apologizing for any offense. Most likely, the friend will be glad to reconnect with you and invite to the feast.

In any case, do not quarrel and do not clarify the relationship with the other, if he never invited you to his birthday. If you value your friendship, do not put a cross on it because of one violation of human rights. Maybe it was his reasons that he just can't call. It is best to continue to communicate as before. And don't forget to invite a friend on your birthday. Perhaps he will remember that at the time, forgot about, and in the future will not allow such an error. While you will be appreciated for your kindness and ability to forgive offenses.

Advice 2 : How to invite friend on birthday

A birthday, perhaps, can be called one of the best holidays. Nice to receive congratulations and gifts. Without a doubt, a day to spend with friends and loved ones. However to invite a friend for his birthday.
How to invite friend on birthday
You will need
  • Telephone, Internet, cards
Report verbally to his friend on the celebration of the birth no later than one week. This is necessary in order for him to have had the opportunity to purchase a gift for you. Be sure to ask with whom he would come.
Don't forget to tell your friend where you will be celebrating this event and how it is better to dress. This is especially important if your friend will not come alone to eliminate an awkward and inappropriate situation.
Use the cards with the invitation. They can be sent by regular mail, and can deliver in person. You can send the invitation by e-mail, picking up the original text and the picture.
Use traditional, tending to the past means of communication. Send telegrams, urgent. Think of a funny text. Write a letter, if your friend is far away from you, and it is not possible to use the phone and Internet. Take the opportunity to invite a friend to a birthday, if you write a letter. The only thing to consider with this method of invitation, this time your message and also the time to organize his trip.
Invite your friend to your party through mutual friends, if you are able to contact them directly. It would be better if you use a written invitation, where will be explained all the necessary information.
Consider the overall focus of the holiday. The invitation can be issued in the same style as the holiday itself. If you are going to the nature, the invitation can contain the appropriate attributes. Send it with the Council to prepare a sun hat and fishing rod, and skewers and pots. Or offer to sharpen the skates, if your birthday you decided to partially conduct at the rink. Remember that sometimes the holiday begins even before the official of its occurrence. The invitation is one way to immerse guests in a festive atmosphere.
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