Standard gifts for former classmates

When you meet people you haven't seen, you probably want to make them happy. To do this, you can present them with standard gifts. It can be flowers, they are suitable for both men and women. Women can give beautiful bouquets of roses or lilies, and men with irises, Calla lilies or delphiniums. This gift can attach a small original cards with best wishes and good spirits and a dark chocolate bar.

In addition, you can find all your old school pictures, take them to the salon for editing and assembling, and then make a creative photo album with interesting signatures. If you prefer to store photos in electronic form, will buy every former classmate flash drive, run it engraved and put pictures and videos are available from school.

You can also buy as a gift to my classmates notebooks, pens and personal organizers.

Creative gifts for former classmates

If you want to impress your old friends, prepare for the congratulations in advance. Find out about what each of your classmate, and make individual surprises associated with the profession of your friends. Doctors can give figurines nurse with a syringe, police fur handcuffs, teachers of subjects related to their professions (geographers globes biologists - miniature skeletons of the human body, historians - statues of ancient rulers, it all depends on your imagination). Motorists can give a set of road maps of the fragrances in the car or covers the driver's license.

Another original gift will be a themed photo session. Ask your friends to find school uniforms, prepare special merchandise in the form of pointers, textbooks, notebooks and portfolios, arrange for a professional photographer and arrange a shoot in one of the school offices. Let your classmates back to the childhood. The images can be combined in collages to make a presentation and burn it to a disc. In addition, you can then present to every participant of the photo shoot image is already in print.

You can also order special shirts with funny slogans on the back and hand them to their former classmates. Alternative are inscribed mugs or caps.