You will need
  • computer;
  • - Internet;
  • - access to postal service or program.
Go to Inbox and create a new letter. Enter the first letter addresses, and you will see the list of recipients, which starts with the name of the mailbox. Select the one you want e-mail and click on it. In the corresponding window will appear the address and a comma after it. Similarly repeat the data entry for the remaining recipients. Add a subject for your message, the text of the letter and necessary attachments. After you finish the registration, click "send". Your letter will receive all of the owners listed e-mail addresses. However, each of them will know that he is not the only recipient.
Use the address book. On different mail services, this service is implemented on its own, but on the same logic. At the end of the line "to whom" is an icon representing an address book. It automatically added the addresses you have sent messages. Click on the symbol below opens the entire list. Tick those you want to add to the recipients of this letter. Click the "add selected". Marked addresses will appear in the to: line.
Enter the required data manually. It will have to do if you haven't sent emails to these addresses. You must separate each with a comma and a space. For example:, postnam@mail,
Note that in the address bar can contain up to 25 addresses. If you intend to send this message to a larger number of persons who use the fields "CC" and "BCC".
Add recipients in the "BCC" if you want the rest of the recipients did not know that you sending this letter not only to them. The line will appear if you click on the link to "show all fields" or on the appropriate label above the line. This method has a major drawback: recipients may not receive your shipment. Robots mail systems, fighting spam, delete these emails.
Log in to mailbox settings and create a template email with text that you want to send to multiple recipients. Now manually for each address, create a email, enter the recipient and choose a theme. It is enough to enter once, and then it will appear in the drop-down box. Attach a file if necessary and click "send". This method allows you to avoid spam filters and to get the impression that you write that person. At the same time minimizes the amount of manual work.
Take advantage of special programs for mass mailings. They allow you to send several hundred messages per minute and the greatest ease of all the stages of the writing letters. Select the most suitable course and download it from one of the case sites.