The graphics card is called a separate unit, made in the form of fees with the GPU, the video memory chips and other electronic components that ensure its functioning. If a card encounters any problems, this unit is removed and changed to another. Fixing graphics cards in the service centers do not produce, as it will be too long and impractical.

If your video card ceased to function properly, and buy another you do not, you can make roasting a faulty Board in the oven. What gives? The fact that a Board on which are placed electronic components and wirings made of a PCB. The chip and other parts are attached to the conductive paths by solder. In the course of work the graphics card is usually heated to high temperatures, then cools. PCB, plastic and copper, and other materials used are various indicators of tension during temperature changes. The result is warping and detachment of some of the elements from the conductive tracks.

From the foregoing it can be concluded that cooking the graphics card in the oven contributes to the melting of the solder of some elements and restoration of damaged contacts.

Before you put the graphics card in the oven, remove any plastic parts to avoid melting. Plastic connectors cover with the foil. Place the charge in the oven and slowly heat to 100-150. A very important condition here is slow heating. Then let the video card is also slow to cool, not touching her hands.

If you are afraid to put a graphics card in the oven, you can use the more gentle methods of recovery. Take a heat gun and warm up to them only those places in which the attached memory chips and CPU. All other parts can be covered with foil.

The question, then how many will last "treated" in such an original way the video card does not have a clear answer. In some cases a few days, others years. The lifespan of this card depends largely on the quantity and quality of the solder in contact broken. Sometimes roasting is repeated more than once, and the card continues to work. This method restores the functionality of even the motherboard of the computer.