You will need
  • 1)Universal key to rotate the ratchet;
  • 2)open-end wrench to "13";
  • 3)Indicator.
Unscrew the mounting nut dispenser key in "13". Also remove the distributor cap. Now set the location of the outer contact of the distributor to the first cylinder. Put on the lid and tighten nut. Don't forget to wear "buenaposada" on spark plugs in the correct order. Typically, the cylinder numbers are indicated on the wires.
Remember the designation labels on the front cover of the engine block. The first label indicates the ignition timing at 10 degrees, the second mark is 5 degrees, the third zero degrees.
Put a label on the generator pulley. It is necessary to use a universal wrench to rotate the nut of the ratchet. If the label of the pulley to be too far, you can use the scroll starter key to bring it closer to the closest distance. The tag located on the pulley can be labelled with chalk for better visibility. With a screwdriver indicator determine the moment of ignition. To do this, connect one probe of the indicator to the contact, which is responsible for low voltage distributor. The other connect to ground.Turn on the ignition. Now with the key, turn the ratchet on labels until the tanning bulbs of the indicator.
Check the ignition timing. Warm the car engine up to operating temperature. Accelerate the car to 50 km/h and move in fourth gear. Then sharply press the accelerator pedal, should detonation occur with a duration of 1-3 seconds. In its absence, increase the ignition timing, turning, spread out in a counterclockwise direction. With a longer knock reduce the timing by moving the distributor housing clockwise. If during starting the engine "shoots" in the carburetor or exhaust pipe, therefore, exhibited the ignition is early. If the engine does not run long, then the ignition later.