Pick a suitable place to install a homemade simulator. In the apartment for him may not be enough space, but the suburban area is a great option.
Gather the necessary materials. You will need slats, planed boards, sticks, logs and water resistant plywood. In addition, will need nuts and bolts, washers, galvanized angles. Also prepare material for bags, which will add weight.
Set the dimensions of the workpiece. Make 2 side frames from planed boards 1600x550 mm – the basis for future simulator. Assemble the horizontal part in the form of a solid bench. Details connect with cutting vpoldereva, seal the surface and seal construction bolts. Assemble the vertical frame and connect with a horizontal base. Secure the frame with metal corners.
Install the device for training the legs. It is a pendulum attached to a transverse rod attached to the frame by hinges. Raising the feet and lowering the device, you will be able to train leg muscles.
To the vertical part of the shell, attach the cables and hang the cargo. As cargo use bags with sand or gravel, made of canvas or tarpaulin. Tie loops for pens. When lifting a load from a prone position on the bench strengthening the muscles of the arms and back.
Prime the wooden parts and paint them. The round bars of the foot trainer make covers of foam to RUB the feet during exercise. The horizontal base also make a case or put a sports Mat to make it easy to do lying down.
Install plug-in shelf for training the muscles of the press. The build became multifunctional shell, which will help you to train different muscle groups. Before you start training, make sure that the design is quite durable and safe.