What to do the fretboard

First and foremost you need to decide what will be done to the Griffon. It definitely needs to be a very durable material. Either stamp will serve as a kind of iron, or wood. In addition, the diameter of the neck shall not be less than 4 cm, otherwise the capture will be painful.

With a wooden object to decide which is easier, and it would not add much additional weight to the projectile, such as iron. The most ideal option would be the old MOP out of your pantry or a rake from the shed. If the handle seems too long, don't worry – this space in the future will be useful. On it you will be stringing improvised "pancakes". It remains to separate the shaft in any suitable way.

To pick up iron brother to a homemade rod is not easy, but you may some reason to want such a vulture. For example, if you plan to work with weighing more than 50 kg. Then go to the construction market and buy there a metal rod. The length should be approximately 2 m and a diameter of about 35 mm. you can Also take a pipe with a diameter of about 4 cm, but it's not really suited for a large weight.

What to do "pancakes"

The easiest option than to load our fretboard is plastic bottles. You need to fill them with something heavy. Suitable sand, small stones, cement, and even plain water. You can take a 1.5 liter bottle, 2 liter. It all depends on your claims of how much weight you need. Weight of one bottle can reach 4 kg. Just put them around the ends of the neck and tightly wrapped with tape.

Another option is to make "pancakes" made of cement. It will have a little trouble, and the weight of this burden you can predict very roughly. Find a suitable form, for example, a large jar of paint. Pour the cement, place the neck of your future rod and wait for full cure. Complete solidification will occur at least every other day, and it is better to wait four. Only then we can start making the second "pancake". When it dries securely brace the entire structure.

If by hand was not cement, use all their imagination. Take a look at the warehouse and into the garage. Use old car tyres, automotive motor, cans filled with iron scrap. Anything, just remember that this is not the most convenient option. It is best to still contact cement – this is a homemade barbell will allow full-fledged sports!